Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Basics of Purchasing Carton Sealers

Carton sealers come in a number of different models. Carton sealers are available in manual, automatic, random manual, and random automatic machines. They are reliable, cost efficient, and durable. Additionally, carton sealers create professional looking seals and packages to complement productive packaging systems.

Carton sealers reduce labor but increase output. Injuries are also prevented because production is mostly run by packaging equipment such as carton sealers, case erectors, and formers. Tape wasted is also reduced as well as material cost. End products are manufactured with professionalism and uniformity, giving the company a good impression on its clients.

Before purchasing carton sealers, keep in mind a number of questions:

· Will it be best to purchase a semi-auto or an automatic carton sealers?

· How many cartons can be sealed per minute per production line?

· Determine the carton sizes.

· Will bottom applicators be needed with top applicators or only top applicators will suffice?

Should standard carton sealers not be enough, businesses can request packaging equipment providers to provide custom built carton sealers that are perfectly suited for each business. Always maintain an open communication with packaging equipment providers for them to manufacture the right carton sealer for your business.

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